Problem Solver Honored in National "Green Pages"
Problem Solver Inc has been listed in Co-op America's National Green Pages, an honor roll of companies providing innovative solutions to today's social and environmental problems.
Each company listed in the Green Pages is pioneering cutting-edge solutions to today's most pressing problems: global warming; unaffordable health & child care; poverty & homelessness; overcrowded landfills; crime & violence; sweatshops and child labor; weakened local economies; disappearing natural habitats; soil, water & air pollution.
Neuli-Manufactured Office Seating from the Problem Solver, can help your company cut waste while adding luster and valued appearance to your office. We can allow you to regain that showroom appearance once again. To address the problem of overcrowded landfills, Problem Solver is keeping used office furniture, panel systems, and office seating out of the landfill, and recycling and remanufacturing furniture for the world!
The Problem Solver is always available to help the community in times of tragedy by providing used office furniture to help people get started again. The Problem Solver is a member of the Co-op America Business Network, the largest association of socially responsible businesses in the world. Descriptions of these businesses are found in the National Green Pages, which contains over one hundred and thirty categories and almost 2000 companies, including such well known businesses as Tom's of Maine and Horizon Organic Dairy, as well as hundreds of smaller businesses. The Problem Solver has offered many websites for the many recycled products available to the world. www.oodlesofpartsplus.com, www.filebars.com, www.businessfurnitureshop.com. They have recently taken the Woodside Business Pledge and become a leader in the Co-op America/ Coastal Rainforest Coalition campaign to preserve the world's few remaining old-growth forests from logging.