Brand New Herman Miller« Aeron« Replacement Chair Parts
For A, B, or C size chairs

Does the height adjustment not work?
Are you stuck on the lowest setting?
Did the other controls stop working?

The first step is, check your warranty!
Aeron chairs built before 1998 had a 10 year warranty, but everything built 1999 and onwards comes with a full 12 year warranty on the entire chair for the original owner.
The date of purchase can be found on a sticker under the seat along with the model #

If a part is physically broken, like a chair arm, the lumbar support on the back, or perhaps the seat back, you will need to replace the part. Luckily, Aeron chairs are easy to take apart, and it's easy to find replacement parts you can put on yourself.

Replacement Casters and Glides
The type of caster you choose should depend on the type of floor the chair will be used on.
 We sell casters individually. Our casters are made to Herman Miller Specifications

Standard Caster for use on carpet only

2-1/2" diameter hard double wheel caster
7/16"x 7/8" stem "B"
Black nylon  wheel and yoke

Part # 70260 Hard / Carpet Caster
$11.95 ea.


Soft Caster for for use on non-carpet only
(wood, tile, bamboo flooring etc)

2-1/2" diameter soft polyurethane thread double wheel caster
7/16"x 7/8" stem "B"

Part # 70261 Soft / Non-Carpet Caster
$14.95 ea.


3" diameter hard double wheel caster
black nylon wheels and yoke
7/16"x 7/8" stem "B"
for use on carpet only

Part # 70201 Hard /Carpet Caster
$12.54 ea.


3" diameter soft polyurethane thread double wheel caster
black nylon wheels and yoke
7/16"x 7/8" stem "B"
for use on non-carpet only

Part # 70207 Soft /Non-Carpet Caster
$15.36 ea


2-1/2" high glide
7/16"x 7/8" stem "B" Black nylon
for use on hard floors or carpet
Part # GE01X
$10.95 ea

Herman Miller Aeron« Chair Posturefit« Kit

The posture-Fit system encourages a healthier seating posture.  It enables the user's body to be supported naturally, using the biomechanics of the spine and back to their fullest potential.  The device is designed to custom-fit each user with the degree of lower-back support desired.  Posture-Fit is retrofit able to existing Aeron« Chairs.
Price: $129.15 ea
  Qty :      Size:

Aeron «Seat Height Adjustment Tab
or chairs made after 04/10/02 in graphite or titanium
Qty: Select

Lumbar Support

This lumbar pad fits into the back of an Aeron work chair to further support the lower back. The pad can be reversed to adjust for more or less support; one side of the pad is 3/4" and the other is 11/4".

#LSPS- 15
Price: $59.95 ea

Qty: Size:


Arm  Pads

Leather Black Arm Pads
Right Hand and Left Hand (sold as a set).

$98.50 per pair.


Black Vinyl Arm Pads (not leather)
Right Hand and Left Hand (sold as a set).

$68.50 a pair.


Backrest for Herman Miller Aeron Chairs
Graphite Frame Available in 3 sizes A, B & C
Black Carbon

Price: 250.00 ea

Qty:    Size:

Aeron Replacement Seat Pan
Black Carbon
Available for A, B or C size chairs
Price: $198.95 ea
Qty:    Size:


Hip Pivot Bolt for the seat pan of the Herman Miller Aeron Chair.
$ 14.95 ea.


Our Aeron single stage replacement gas cylinders are made to the same specifications as the originals and are in stock for quick ship. Our cylinders will work to replace both the single and dual stage cylinders.

Stage I
$ 57.95 ea

Qty :


Part #

Price ea


Sector Gear  & Tilt Limiter Cable Replacement 253818 $35.95

Tilt Cover Replacement 241687-G1 $48.95
Front  Limit Cam  Replacement 244734 $43.95

Rear Limit Cam, Tilt Sector Gear & Cable Replacement 24473RL $46.95

Seat Foam Insert for A, B or C size Chairs   $49.95

1/4-inch-high, 1-inch diameter glide; thermoplastic CAP material (for use on hard floors or carpet)

for use on side chairs only
Sled Base Glide #SB
$14.95 (4/set)


Touch Up Paint for Herman Miller«  Aeron Chairs
Aerosol Can (Exact Color Match) Graphite 12oz.
$24.95 ea



Gas Cylinder Replacement Bearing Kit
Part # 108
Price $17.95



includes shipping to anywhere in the continental US

Aeron Diagram
The A-size chair, which adjusts lower than the other two, is suitable for smaller people
The B-size chair will fit most people..
The C-size chair, with its more generously sized seat and backrest, is suitable for larger people.
Find yourself in the height and weight chart alongside to see which is the right chair for you.
Size A
  • Seat Height: 16″-20.5″ or 40.6 cm - 52.1 cm
  • Seat Width: 19″ or 48.3 cm
  • Seat Depth: 15.75″ or 40 cm
  • Overall Height: 41″ (max) or 104.1 cm
  • Overall Width: 25.75″ or 65.4 cm
Size B
  • Seat Height: 16″-20.5″ or 40.6 cm - 52.1 cm
  • Seat Width: 20.25″ or 51.4 cm
  • Seat Depth: 17″ or 43.2 cm
  • Overall Height: 42″ (max) or 106.7 cm
  • Overall Width: 27″ or 68.6 cm


Size C
  • Seat Height: 16″-20.5″ or 40.6 cm - 52.1 cm
  • Seat Width: 21.625″ or 54.9 cm
  • Seat Depth: 18.5″ or 18.5
  • Overall Height: 45″ (max) or 114.3 cm
  • Overall Width: 28.25″ or 71.8 cm



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